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New Horizon Foods, Inc. is a leading supplier of dry ingredient mixed products, serving the Western United States, Mexico and abroad. With a focus on the bakery industry, New Horizon Foods, Inc. delivers superior service to customers that require custom blends or mainstream mixes.

Bakery Products

Our customers include the local artisan baker who needs naturally flavored toasted grains and clean label ingredients, the scrumptious donut vendor at the corner shop that requires a raised donut, and the automated production line bakery that uses no-time dough conditioners. We service the independently owned restaurant that needs a custom mix that the pastry chef developed or a master baker that bakes for high profile movie stars and of course the small catering company that is tired of emptying retail cake boxes into a Hobart mixer. What ever it takes - we provide the products that make our customers successful.

New Horizon Foods List of Bakery Products

Panaderia Products

We are proud to offer some of the finest and most irresistible Mexican bakery products in the Western United States. From bolillos and churros to mantecada, we have the panaderia product that will make your customer smile!

New Horizon Foods List of Panaderia Products

Food Service Products

In addition, to our custom blends, we have a variety of products to serve the restaurant and food service industry. We also have the research and development capabilities to customize a product to match your unique specifications. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to your requests both large and small.

New Horizon Foods List of Food Service Products

Concession Products

New Horizon Foods offers concession food supplies for companies throughout the United States and Mexico. From waffle cones to corn dog batter, we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering on time and at a great price. Whether you need one pallet or a truck load, you’ll be pleased with the quality of our products.

New Horizon Foods List of Concession Products

Organic Products

We have been organic certified since 2009 and appreciate the healthy lifestyle of clean label and organic ingredients. Our organic mixes and concentrates are designed with the healthy baker in mind. Whether you are looking for an organic cake mix or an organic 9-grain cereal blend, we are your company for organic products.

New Horizon Foods List of Organic Products

Custom Blending

Our blending services can blend your formulations to your specifications. Our team has over 100 years of blending experience and can produce your product. Using your ingredients or our supply chain of quality vendors, we can blend your product to assist in meeting your requirements.

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